Les Eleveurs

Who is Julian?

March 26, 2024

My name is Julian and I am going to show you what hospitality is all about: “creating homes for everyone!”

Since I made the first steps in the horeca-world in 2012 it was always my dream to have my own Hotel & restaurant. That dream came true with taking over Hotel & Restaurant Les Eleveurs in Halle, an institution since 127 years.

For me working in the horeca is the most beautiful thing I can imagine. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces after a nice meal is really lighting me up every single time.

Horeca is more than working endless hours. Horeca is about being in service for others, it is about making people happy, it is simply about changing the world.

In the last 3 years my world changed: I got to know my fiancé Annelies who was born in Lembeek. During Corona I met her during a zoom-conference and just 4 month later I moved to Belgium. The best step I could ever make. And now we are already with the 3 of us. Since September 2023 our son Alfie is lightening up our life every single minute.

You will also see Annelies and Alfie a lot at Les Eleveurs. It is our families second home. You will be all guests at our home. And we want you to feel like home.

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